We are your travel


Before your stay…

No matter how frequently you travel, it may be the planning stage that is the most exciting and filled with anticipation. Allow us to help you plan your ideal trip. Before your stay, we can tell you about gems that only locals know about, and give you up-to-date information on shops and events. As your local travel partners, we’ll offer recommendations on where to go, what to see, and do while you are here. We are happy to help you with whatever we can, so please contact us.

During your stay…

We genuinely look forward to meeting the visitors to our hotel and talking with you about your trip. Even if you arrive without any plans in mind, we can make recommendations on how to spend your time based on what you are in the mood for. In addition, sometimes during trips unexpected things happen and priorities change. We are always happy to review the plan we made together before your arrival and make adjustments. No matter how small a detail, let us know. We are happy to be of assistance.

After your stay...

Even after you check out, we will continue to offer you our support. We can provide you with information about transportation to your next destination as well as suggestions about what to see and do once you get there. We strive to make your entire trip a success, not just the time you are under our roof.


About NAGI

Kurashiki stands at the gateway to Setouchi. Nagi—a Japanese word used to describe the serene calm of Setouchi. NAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Lounge was created to provide guests a serene refuge here in this place. NAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Lounge was created to provide guests a serene refuge here in this place. stepping through the hotel entrance, you will be greeted by the warm smiles of the hotel staff, and you will be faintly aware of the sea, wind, and light that are unique to Setouchi. We offer you a refuge—a place for you to find peace.
ここ、倉敷は せとうち への玄関口です。美しい せとうち の風和ぎ。和みの間としてのホテルが誕生しました。
凪ぎー 和ぎ ー NAGI なぎとは、風や波がおさまること。「海が和ぐ」、「風が和ぐ」わたしたちは、お客様の心が静かに、穏やかになる場所をご用意いたします。


Our Value

There are 8 rooms in total. Each room is tastefully decorated to create a warm relaxing space for you to spend time with your friends and loved ones. On the first floor is a spacious lounge. There you can mingle not only with the staff but with the other guests as well. At NAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Lounge, our dedicated staff, with their diverse backgrounds, take pleasure in working with travelers from the planning stage of their trip to ensure each traveler’s stay is a wonderful experience, no matter what kind of trip you imagine. We are dedicated to making your visit to Kurashiki, the Setouchi Inland Sea area, and elsewhere in Japan one that you will never forget.
Our goal is not 
simply to be a box
with a bed for you to
sleep in during your 
We want to be a hotel that offers an ideal space and warm personal support.to ensure that you enjoy your journey to the greatest extent possible.