Information about the affiliated parking lot

To our guests for NAGI Kurashiki Hotel & Lounge
Here is our new affiliated parking lot.

Starting August 12th we have started a partnership with「カモ井パーキング(KAMOI parking)」.
Information for the parking lot and how to use it are down below.

Parking lot: カモ井パーキング(KAMOI parking)
Address:〒710-0055 1-15-27, Achi, Kurashiki-shi, Okyama-ken

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<How to use our parking lot>
Please park your car at KAMOI parking.
Go to NAGI Kurashiki’s reception and purchase a discounted parking ticket (1000 yen/24hours per ticket).

・The discounted ticket will be available 24 hours after you park your car. If you leave, you will be charged every 10 minutes.
・You will not get change even though the fee is under 1000 yen.
・If you lose your ticket, you need to purchase another one or pay full price.
・It is not acceptable to get a reservation for the parking lot. You will not be able to park in our parking lot if there is no vacancy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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